I finally started painting!!!!

There was so live Women’s Football on so, buoyed by such great games  with Dave and Toxic the last few days, I decided to make a start with painting.

Three hours later I had nineteen Pink Horrors base coloured - I can’t remember the names of the top of my head and will post them tomorrow, but went for a pinky purple for the main Horrors and purple for iridescent Horrors.

This is all very rough and the beginning of my learning to paint and doing everything possible not to rage quit for the umpteenth time.

I think I am going to base colour all my models, 40K and Fantasy, before I start going in to details.

Have more Daemons and Chaos Space Marines ready for spraying this week, as well as Sarah’s Dark Angels, so we can start painting together.

I’m also hoping we can get our first game in together later this week too :-)